Designing Safer Trail Connections in Rancho Cordova

WALKSacramento is working with the City of Rancho Cordova Public Works Department to gather community ideas and needs for walking and biking improvements between the Citrus Road Trail and Folsom South Canal along Folsom Boulevard and Sunrise Boulevard. The Sunrise Boulevard Walk/Bike Improvement Study will report these community ideas and needs to the City with the hope that they inform future funding applications as opportunities arise.

The Citrus Road Trail (Sunrise Corridor Bikeway) north of US-50 provides an off-street travelway between the American River Parkway and the south side of the freeway, while the Folsom South Canal regional bike trail provides a connection to the American River Parkway at Nimbus Dam to the north, and Capitol Village and Mather Airport areas to the south, and future growth areas including Mather South, Anatolia, and the Jackson Corridor.

The 2016 Rancho Cordova Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) recognizes that the current gap between the two trails needs to be filled to meet the goals of the BMP and the General Plan for an extensive, interconnected and continuous pedestrian and bicycle network. Within that gap are important destinations such asthe Sunrise Light Rail Station and many businesses along Folsom Boulevard and Sunrise Boulevard.

WALKSacramento will be holding several events this spring to hear from the community about the project. We’ll have a kick-off meeting for residents and property owners on April 6 from 6pm to 7pm at City Hall. Join us to discuss your ideas and get information about the upcoming walk audit. Later this month we’ll be conducting intercept surveys at the Sunrise Light Rail Station and on both trails to get input and publicize the project. There will also be a fun pop-up engagement event on one of the trails to gather more natural input from commuters and families using the trails.

You can participate in the project right now by taking our short survey on the project webpage here.

Upcoming Events:

Community Kick-off Meeting at Rancho Cordova City Hall

April 6, 2017
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Walk Audit

Date and time TBD at Community Kick-off Meeting.

Pop-Up Workshop

Date and time TBD at Community Kick-off Meeting.

Take the Survey
Can’t make it to an event but want to provide feedback? Take our survey here.
Folsom South Canal looking East at the Sunrise Boulevard crossing.sunrise and folsom

Sunrise Boulevard and Folsom Boulevard intersection.20170328_090437

Sunrise Corridor Bikeway entrance onto Citrus Road.

sunrise bike and citrus

Sunrise Corridor Bikeway entrance onto Citrus Road.