The advocate as the planner

Communities that support active transportation aren’t just safer, but make for healthier, cleaner, more sustainable, and economically vibrant neighborhoods. As planners, we support local agencies and community members through technical expertise in policy development and built environment design. As advocates, we work to bring together community members, policymakers, engineers, planners, youth, and many others to advance collective goals for access to opportunity and overall quality of life.

Our Approach

Policy and Investment

Planning and Design


Communities and Coalitions

Policy and Investment

As a regional expert on smart growth principles and healthy community design, we work to advance local and regional policies that support health, equity, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. We advocate for greater investment, to ensure that community-supported plans and policies can actually be implemented. Our knowledge of design strategies, effective policy, and funding sources helps us apply national best practices to local contexts.

Environmental Justice In General Plans

 SB 1000 is a state legislation that requires cities and counties to incorporate environmental justice policies into their general plans. WALKSacramento has provided assistance to both Sacramento County and the City of Sacramento during the development of their environmental justice elements. Read more.

Sacramento County Active Design Guidelines – D4AS

The Design for Active Sacramento (D4AS) coalition, worked to incorporate active design principles into Sacramento County’s Design Guidelines. In 2015, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors adopted the Active Design Guidelines as part of the updated Zoning Code. Read more.

Measure A 2020 Transportation Expenditure Plan

WALKSacramento, in coordination with the SacMoves Coalition, has worked to develop a framework for transportation funding to guide the 2020 Measure A sales tax that may be on the Sacramento County ballot in November 2020. Read more.

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Planning and Design

We bridge the gap between local agencies, stakeholders, and community members in order to develop effective solutions for streetscape design, active transportation master plans, Safe Routes to School plans, and other transportation and land use planning efforts. Our established relationships in communities and applied understanding of design strategies makes us a valuable partner in short and long-range planning work. We use walk audits, pop-up events, design charettes, and other creative engagement methods to ensure that all voices, particularly those that typically go unheard, are represented throughout planning processes.

Reimagine Watt / I-80 Transit Center Master Plan

 Using a community-based planning approach, WALKSacramento engaged riders, community members, businesses, and other stakeholders in a dialogue about the kinds of improvements would best address their safety, accessibility, and transit access goals. Read more.

Development Review

One of the foundations of safe, walkable communities is the built environment. The design of buildings and streets, the relationship between buildings and the street, and the arrangement of land uses influence people’s decision to walk or not. WALKSacramento reviews development proposals that have been submitted to the planning departments of local jurisdictions to ensure building designs support healthy and active communities. Read more.

O Street Corridor Assessment

The O Street Corridor Assessment provides CADA and associated partners a toolkit for revitalizing the O Street Corridor to meet the overall goals of improved livability, safety, and health. The report summarizes findings and recommends improvements regarding the pedestrian and bike environment, placemaking and more. Read more.

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We implement community programs such as Safe Routes to School, placemaking and open street events, wayfinding, and other activities that inspire healthy, active travel. As Safe Routes to School facilitators, we have supported over 100 local schools across 7 counties by providing comprehensive programming that includes Walk and Bike to School Days, walking school buses, pedestrian and bicycle safety education, parent champion training, and more.

Wayfinding in West Sacramento

 In June 2018, WALKSacramento and the City of West Sacramento launched a first-of-its kind school-based active transportation wayfinding pilot program. The program leveraged existing Safe Routes to School efforts to encourage families to walk or bike from school to other parts of the community and provide feedback on their trips to inform future iterations of the wayfinding program. Read more.

Safe Routes to School in the Sacramento Region

As Safe Routes to School facilitators, we provide comprehensive programming to schools including: Walk to School Day and Bike to School day, Safe Routes to School master plans, safe walking and biking maps, community engagement, parent champion training, and more. Read more.

Vision Zero: City of Sacramento

As part of the City’s Vision Zero strategy, WALKSacramento supported a citywide educational campaign conducted in 2018 to raise awareness of Vision Zero, provide traffic safety education, and encourage residents to lead by example.  Read more.

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Communities and Coalitions

We are stronger when we work together with our partners across diverse sectors and communities. By spearheading and participating in coalitions, we help advance local, regional, and statewide initiatives that lead to positive community change. We work with neighborhood organizations to uplift the voices of community members and advocate for community priorities.

La Familia Love Your Heart Event

 Working with La Familia through an American Planning Association, Plan4Health Grant we joined forces with Valenzuela Garcia consulting to create a mini-city, complete with roads, a pop-up park, bicycle lane demonstrations, creative crosswalks, trees, and areas throughout to provide input. Read more.

Freeport Boulevard Walk Audit

Shortly after the fatal collision at Oregon Drive and Freeport Boulevard, WALKSacramento began meeting with residents across the three nearby neighborhoods interested in advocating that the City restripe the previously removed crossing. Read more.

Design 4 Active Sacramento

Design 4 Active Sacramento (D4AS) is a multidisciplinary cross-sector team of planners, engineers, public health, and private health care professionals working to advance health and physical activity through community design. Read more.

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