Designing Healthier Communities in West Sacramento

WALKSacramento is teaming up with the City of West Sacramento to design trail and park improvements along the Sycamore Trail. Depending on community feedback, improvements might include community greening and public art, and safety improvements including a US 50 overcrossing connecting Joey Lopes Park with Westmore Oaks Elementary school. This project has long been of interest to West Sacramento residents and was identified as a priority during our Safe Routes to School work with families and schools.

Pedestrian and bicycle trails are great community assets because they create entirely off-street facilities that connect important destinations and provide safer connections for people on foot and bike, especially children and families getting to school. The more that can be done to design these facilities to feel like a safe, attractive, and comfortable community spaces, the more use the trail will see. As the trail becomes better utilized as a regular route to schools, parks, libraries, and more, a greater number of people will realize the health and cost-saving benefits of using active forms of transportation to get a destination.

In order to hear from you how this facility should be designed, WALKSacramento is holding a three-part information gathering series. Your first opportunity to share thoughts and provide input will be this Saturday at Joey Lopes Park from 10:00 am – 1:00 PM. WALKSacramento staff will be out with maps, creative activities, and fun giveaway prizes for children.

The second opportunity to help us design these improvements will be at a community walk and bike audit on Saturday, April 1st, where we will explore the community on foot to identify current barriers and discuss opportunities. Your feedback will be especially valuable here as we’ll be joined by City of West Sacramento engineering and design staff.

Finally, throughout this project, we will be gathering information from you and your neighbors via an online survey . This feedback will directly inform how the City of West Sacramento designs things like safety improvements, landscaping, and a new crossing over US 50 to extend the Sycamore Trail to Westmore Oaks Elementary.

We look forward to learning more about what you would like to see in your community!

For more information on the Sycamore Trail Project and to take the Survey: Click Here.

Upcoming Events:

Pop-up at Joey Lopes Park

March 25, 2017
10 am – 1:00 pm

Walk and Bike Audit at Westmore Oaks Elementary

April 1, 2017
10 am – 1:00 pm

Take the Survey
Can’t make it to an event but want to provide feedback? Take our survey here.joey lopes park improvements
Recent Improvements along the Sycamore Trail at Joey Lopes Park.

us 50 and sycamore extension

Project Location for Pedestrian Bridge over US 50 connection to Westfield Oaks Elementary School