Walkability gets attention in local publications

WALKSacramento Executive Director Teri Duarte was recently interviewed for a story on the walkability movement for Inside the City.

“It’s a cultural change that started to take shape about a decade ago,” says Teri Durate, executive director of WALKSacramento. “We now have good new standards in  place compared to the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, and our built environment has a better design for walking than a generation ago.”

Read the complete article here. Scroll down to page 34.

Walkability popped up in another Sacramento publication this month: Sacmag featured a short piece on the 20-minute neighborhood, showing the variety of activities that are accessible by walking, biking, and transit for a typical midtown resident. Overall, we are really happy to see this idea getting attention, but disagreed with the suggested 3-minute drive to Target–this could easily be done by bike. Check out the June issue of Sacmag for the article, also on page 34.