Planning Directors and Public Health Officers Convening

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The first Regional Convening of Planning Directors and Public Health Officers is at hand. This convening will provide an opportunity to build relationships, identify shared objectives and opportunities for collaboration, meet state mandates, and discuss how to move forward towards implementing activities that support health, sustainability and economic development in your community. More information is available here.

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Check-in, networking, coffee, snack      8:15-8:40am

Introductions (Judy Robinson)     8:40-8:45am

Welcome-Why is this Important? (County Supervisor Phil Serna & Mike McKeever)     8:45-9:10am

How Well Are We Currently Collaborating? Health & Planning Survey Results (Tracey Ferguson, Julia Lave Johnston Sac Valley APA & Mary Anne Morgan CCLHO/CHEAC)     9:10-9:35am

Advantages to working together –New Partners (Paul Zykofsky, LGC)     9:35-9:55am

Health and Community Development (Dr. David Erickson, San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank)     9:55-10:25am

Great Places to Start (Dr. Elizabeth Baca, OPR)     10:25-10:45am

General Plan Guidelines, Safeguarding California, EO-B-30-15, SB 379, AB 1482     10:45-11:00am

Shared resources (GIS mapping, food deserts, transportation and accessing services, etc.)     

BREAK     11:00-11:10am

SACOG – Household Travel Survey – (Bruce Griesenbeck, SACOG)    11:10-11:15am

World Café – Instructions (Facilitator-Mary Anne Morgan)     11:15-12noon

World Café – Activity & Report out (Facilitator-Mary Anne Morgan)

Feedback for Future Convenings     12:00-12:15pm

Networking by County PHO and jurisdictions – over lunch (Facilitator-Mary Anne Morgan)     12:15-1:00pm

Ways that we can work together

Follow up meetings to advance work