Another Pair of Collisions on Major Arterials in Sacramento

We at WALKSacramento are devastated to hear of two more recent collisions involving pedestrians in the Sacramento area. The first, a fatal hit and run, occurred on Watt Ave. north of Lynne Way where the road carries high volumes of traffic, sometimes traveling at much higher than posted speeds. See the article here.

According to CBS 10 The second collision occurred on Monday morning at Power Inn Road and 36th Avenue where Power Inn is particularly wide, lacks safe crossings, and carries similarly high volumes of rapidly moving traffic.

With each additional collision, it is becoming painfully clear that many of Sacramento’s roads are hazards to pedestrians and cyclists. Unfortunately, many of these large arterial streets are also located in disadvantaged communities where residents are more reliant on alternative forms of transportation. Have we created an inequitable roadway network?

Action must be taken in terms of a significant redesign of these streets to ensure the safety of all roadway users here in Sacramento. #VisionZero. Also, if you suspect that someone is driving under the influence, please call 911 immediately. One life is one too many.