O Street Corridor Assessment

Project Background

The O Street Corridor represents an exciting opportunity to revitalize a major Downtown street into a safer, more compelling place to live, work, play, and recreate. Similar to other prosperous corridors throughout the Downtown area such as R Street and K Street, O Street has an abundance of character, history, and charm that if capitalized on can create a more attractive and distinct place.
The purpose of the O Street Corridor Assessment is to provide CADA and associated partners a toolkit for revitalizing and reinvigorating the O Street Corridor to meet the overall goals of improved livability, safety, and health. The report summarizes findings and recommends improvements regarding the pedestrian and bike environment, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), and placemaking.

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Project Role


Project Partners


Project Timeline


CADA is currently pursuing design solutions for Envision O Street. For more information, visit here. Below are images from the 2018 Street Design Workshop included partners of CADA, a children’s play area, live music, and interactive feedback opportunities.