Laguna Creek
Inter-Regional Trail Master Plan 

Project Background

To support The City of Elk Grove’s work toward improving priority areas along the Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail, our team will be facilitating community outreach and engagement efforts to advise on the Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail Master Plan. A Community Advisory Group (CAG), representative of the area’s community members, will be formed in early Fall 2021 to guide the plan’s development process and ensure it is rooted in community priorities. The CAG will be integral to addressing barriers to trail access, help facilitate further community engagement, and ensure project recommendations and solutions support connectivity to community assets and essential destinations like schools, public transit, employment centers, medical services, and recreational amenities. 

Click here to visit the City of Elk Grove’s website for more information about the project.

Project Role

Community Engagement Facilitator 

Project Partners

City of Elk Grove, GHD 

Project Timeline

August 2021 – October 2022 

Walking Tour Updates

CANCELED: October 24th Walking Tour for both South Sacramento and Elk Grove locations.

Unfortunately, due to heavy rain and subsequent concerns over participant safety and accessibility we have decided to reschedule this event. We are working to reschedule and will announce new dates once they have been determined. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

About Our Community Advisory Group

The Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail (LCIRT) Master Plan project team is guided by a 12-member Community Advisory Group (CAG) to help advise the process of development and ensure the plan is rooted in community priorities. The main responsibilities of the CAG are to help design an effective community engagement process, to attend regular meetings, and to encourage community participation in this project.

Community Advisory Group Responsibilities: 

  • Attend 6 CAG meetings/workshops to be held throughout the project between September 2021 and August 2022. 
  • Provide guidance to the LCIRT Master Plan team on community engagement events, trail design concept, features, and alternatives. 
  • Actively promote community engagement events/workshops and connect project team with residents and community leaders to participate in community events.  

The Group Structure:

  • Youth representative (2)
  • Elk Grove Community member (4)
  • South Sacramento Community member (3)
  • Active Transportation Advocate or Regional Parks representative (1)
  • Trails Committee representative (1)
  • Disability Advisory Committee representative (1)