What We’re Reading 3/22/19

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What We’re Reading 2/11/19

February is National Heart month! The easier it is for people to walk, bike and get out their cars, the healthier their heart can be. The relationship between the built environment and our health is clear, so it is important that our communities support healthy living.  The WALKSacramento team has been reading new research that ties public transportation to health, safety, climate change, and more.  Lower obesity …

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CPTED and Us: A New Tool for Livable Communities

Congratulations to WALKSacramento staff Molly and Alicia for receiving their Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Professional Designations this month! Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a multi-disciplinary approach that prioritizes design strategies in the built environment to create safe spaces and deter criminal activity. While born through the law enforcement field, we’ve found that …

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What We’re Reading 1/25/19

The WALKSacramento Team has been following the results of the National Housing Travel Survey, the anatomy of a bike lane movement, road pricing and taking quizzes about scoters vs. bikes. Check out what we have been reading this week.  Learning form the Nation Household Travel Survey  This article takes a look at the National Household Travel Survey that examines long term …

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