Complete Streets

Our Complete Streets campaign continues strong, built around the Complete Streets Coalition of Sacramento.

Recent work includes:

  • Working for a Sustainable Communities Strategy that promotes walking, bicycling and transit use and walkable communities in land use planning.
  • Hosting a press conference with Representative Doris Matsui urging adoption of Complete Streets at the local, regional and national level.
  • Supporting expanding transit service, key to a walkable community, through the TransitRenewal initiative.
  • Working with the City and planners to promote active transportation to, from and around proposed entertainment and sports complexes in the downtown Sacramento Railyards.
  • Working with AARP, Dan Burden led a walk audit of Fruitridge Road east of Highway 99, resulting in a thorough report on ways to improve it and press coverage in the Sacramento Bee.
  • Reviewing, with other local partners, over $22 million in proposed projects under the regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding Program.
  • Advocated for inclusion of low income communities in Transit Priority Areas for transit-oriented development planning review.
  • “What are Complete Streets?” one may ask.  To answer that, WALKSacramento worked with coalition partner SACOG to develop a Complete Streets Resource Toolkit, now online for anyone looking for a comprehensive collection of policies, guidelines and technical resources.

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