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Ron Anderson
Ruth Ann Bertsch and Dave Cassel
John Burnside
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Lavada DeSalles
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Eric Fredricks
Anne Geraghty
Bryan Gerhart
Robert and Sarah Gerhart
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Richard Haggstrom
James E. Houpt
Jim Jester
Shashi Kumar
Debbie Layton
Don Levy Productions
Gene Lozano
Carolyn Martin
Marty Maskall
Robert and Anne Meagher
Lisa Woodard-Mink
Larry Mintler
North Natomas Transportation Management Association
Helen O’Mara
The Powers Family
Tom Harrington and Maggie O’Mara
Nick Rabinowitsh
Eleanor and Steven Rabinowitsh
Andrea Rosen
Anne and Morgan Staines
Becky Starr
Maria Sotero
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Pamela White
Diane and Tom Woodruff (In Honor of Anne Geraghty)
Hong Zhang
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Becky Yee

Corporate Sponsors

Don Kuhwarth at Midtown Computer Services,
A premium Internet provider with offices located in Sacramento, California.

Law Office of Daniel H. Rose
A highly reputable law firm which specializes in representing injured pedestrians and bicyclists and their families, with more than 28 years of experience. Daniel Rose is a leading bicycle and pedestrian accident lawyer who has a reputation for ethically, efficiently and compassionately pursuing the maximum compensation allowed by law. All pedestrians and bicyclists are offered a free no-obligation consultation with a senior attorney.

Non-Profit Sponors

Sac City Rollers
Members volunteer their time and raise money for local and national charities.