Oak Ridge Elementary School

Oak Ridge Elementary School launched Safe Routes to School programming during the 2018/2019 school year out of community concern for student safety. 

Check back soon for more project updates at Oak Ridge Elementary School! 

Walk Audit Report

This walk audit report is intended to guide infrastructure improvements near Oak Ridge Elementary School with the goals of improving safety for pedestrians and people on bikes, as well as enabling more students to choose active methods of travel to school. Safe Routes to School programs not only benefit students, but also benefit the broader community by slowing traffic in neighborhoods, improving access to destinations, and providing opportunities for physical activity and improved health outcomes. The recommendations in this report are informed and influenced through engagement with parents, students, community partners, and school staff.

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Pick-up / Drop-off Procedures Map

Pick-up and Drop-off procedures maps are designed to support school policies regarding traffic plans during peak morning and afternoon times. 

Maps are adapted into school policy handbooks and support school-wide understanding of safe traffic behaviors for drivers, walkers, and bikers.

Oak Ridge Elementary's map is in development. Check back soon for updates! 

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Safe Walking and Biking Map

Safe Walking and Biking maps provide opportunities for school staff and families to have conversations with students about the best routes to walk and bike to school along with where students need to be extra alert. 

Oak Ridge Elementary's Safe Walking and Biking Map is in development. Check back soon for updates!

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