About Us

Our Mission

WALKSacramento is a nonprofit planning and advocacy organization that improves quality of life and health equity through community-centered policy and systems change in land use, transportation, and community development.


Our Vision

All people, regardless of race, income, or ability, live in neighborhoods that:

  • Are designed for health and happiness;
  • Are sustainable and green;
    Support thriving local economies;
  • and Promote civic engagement.

Why We Do What We Do

Communities that support active transportation aren't just safer, but make for healthier, cleaner, more sustainable, and economically vibrant neighborhoods.


Our Staff

Kirin Kumar, Executive Director

Chris Holm, project manager

molly wagner, project coordinator

Alicia brown, project coordinator

Board of Directors


Adrian Engel

Maria E. Sotero

Matt krehe


Hong Zang

Laveda Desalles

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Anne Staines

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Jeanie Ward-Waller